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BOCT Tariff & Supplements

The 8100 Tariff contains rules and prices on switching and other accessorial services (reciprocal switching, intermediate switching, industrial switching, weighing, demurrage, overloads), and a list of industries served by BOCT in the Chicago switching district.



BOCT Tariff 8100  


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      BOCT 8100 Supplement 8 as of November 2022  


      BOCT 8100 Supplement 7 as of July 2020  


      BOCT 8100 Supplement 6 as of September 2014  


      BOCT 8100 Supplement 5 as of August 2009  


      BOCT 8100 Supplement 4 as of August 2009  


      BOCT 8100 Supplement 3 as of January 2009  


      BOCT 8100 Supplement 2 as of September 2008  


      BOCT 8100 Supplement 1 as of July 2008  




    Explanation of Recently Added Tariff Items


In order to improve fluidity for all railroads through the Chicago Gateway, it became necessary to implement measures to encourage the timely movement of trains operating over the BOCT.


With the release of the revised tariff, effective May 26, 2007 the BOCT implemented three new components to drive the expedited movement of freight through the gateway:


  • Train Delay Penalty Charge - Charge for trains delayed on BOCT pending interchange.
  • Recrew Service - Charge for BOCT crews provided, when available, at the request of the receiving or delivering carrier.
  • Pilot Service - Charge for BOCT pilots provided when the foreign line crews are not qualified on the territory.


The objective of these charges is to increase the velocity for all freight movements in Chicago, improve service to all of our customers, and reduce the current congestion levels.


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