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E-Business Tools

Use e-business tools to manage your shipments quickly and efficiently, with secure data that is specific to you and your company.


As a subsidiary of CSX, BOCT uses CSX's e-business tools.


    Electronic Options


There are two options for conducting transactions:



     1. ShipCSX: CSX's secure transaction website, available to registered users 


         Learn about the ShipCSX tools you will need:


          - Shipping Instructions (bill of lading) : provide details needed for moving a shipment.


          - Track & Trace : get car location information.




           ShipCSX: Learn more , Register , Log in now



     2. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): direct communication between your computer system and ours. Learn more


            For information about transaction sets, or to get set up on EDI, call 1-877-744- 7279, option 2, or e-mail ftp@csx.com and ask for a Trading Partner Request Form.


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